Low Level Pumps

Tsurumi pump model LSC1.4S is the original garden hose residue dewatering pump capable of pumping down to floor level with even the smallest puddle being pumped dry. The LSC1.4S is ideal for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available Tsurumi two inch model LSR2.4S will hold suction for drainage to 0.2 inch water level. Ideal applications for Tsurumi drainage pumps incude but are not limited to rooftops, parking garages, roadways underpasses, service utility pits, basements, plant maintenance cleanup, pools, and spas.

Model # Discharge Size (in) Voltage/Amps Dimension (Dia x H) Motor Output (HP) Weight (lbs) Price    
LSR2.4S 2 110/6.1 8.3 x 11.4 2/3 28.00 $455.00
LSC1.4S 0.75 110/6.1 7.7 x 12.4 2/3 29.00 $443.00